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    Conch Venture successfully signed a contract for a domestic waste incineration power generation project in Fengning County, Hebei
    Date:2020-12-11 From:海螺創業

            On December 9, 2020, Conch Venture and the Fengning Manchu Autonomous County Government of Hebei Province signed the "Fengning County Domestic Waste Incineration Power Generation Project Franchise Agreement", planning to build a 300 tons/day domestic waste incineration power generation project.

            The signing ceremony was held in Fengning County People’s Government. Ji Qinying, General Manager of Conch Venture, Li Daming, Deputy General Manager, and Han Jiwu, Assistant to General Manager, attended the signing ceremony; Fengning County Party Committee Deputy Secretary and County Magistrate Yang Xianjun led relevant unit leaders to attend and witness the signing.


            Li Daming, deputy general manager of Conch Venture, and Yan Xingxiang, director of Fengning County Development and Reform Bureau, respectively signed the "Fengning County Domestic Waste Power Generation Project Franchise Agreement" on behalf of both parties.


            At the signing ceremony, Yang Xianjun first extended a warm welcome to Ji Qinying and his entourage, and fully affirmed Conch venture's capital strength, technical strength, management level, and business performance.He said that the county party committee and the county government attach great importance to the cooperation between the two parties and will go all out to cooperate with the project construction, actively solve the difficulties in the project construction process, and urge the project to be completed and put into operation on schedule.


            On behalf of the company, Ji Qinying thanked Fengning County Party Committee and the county government for their trust and support for Conch Venture.Conch Venture will work hand in hand with the Fengning County Government to promote the harmless treatment of local domestic waste under the guidance of the new development concept, and strive to build the capital's ecological "moat".


            Before signing the project, Ji Qinying, accompanied by the chairman of Fengning Dayuan International Holdings Company, Jia Yanfeng and other personnel, went to the project site to conduct a field survey.